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"Descending God series-Spirit of the Bees?"

"Descending God series-Spirit of the Bees?"


The Descending or Diving God of the Maya is truly unique. This god is depicted upside down, hence its name, and found usually holding something in one or both of its hands. The god can be found at four archeological sites, but seen primarily at the trading port site of Tulum on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Not a lot is known about the Descending God. One speculation is that he represented the stingless bees found in the Yucatan. These bees were thought as giving life to the tropical forests and symbolized a connection to the spirit world.

This piece is modeled after the theory of the Descending God being a representation of the spirit world and the bees as its connection.

Featuring ancient amber and baltic amber, Spirit of the Bees is wrapped in oxidized copper wire and finished on a 16-18 inch chain.

*Last photo is the Temple of the Descending God in Tulum, QR, Mexico

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